Smart Data

The application

Smart Data is a service-oriented holistic application, focused on mill-wide operational challenges, that will help you to improve your gross margin. With Smart Data, we provide you with a real-time operational service that visualizes technical and economical values at one platform. It further offers a statistical and mathematical model development for pulp and paper processes, in order to gain best operational practices.

Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS)

Our Smart Data Analytics Platform works as an Assistance System to ease decision making and enable highly efficient process improvements for the whole mill – from the woodyard to the paper machine, including the power plant and auxiliaries.

Benefits for Mill Operators

  • Time-saving for analytical decision-making
  • Tools to avoid downtimes and efficiency losses through predictive modelling
  • Easy information interchange withing the mill and with other mill operators
  • Ease of access - with laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet

Benefits for Management

  • Easily provides a quick overview on the entire mill operation
  • Assistance for budgetary planning and resource allocation
  • Data source for economical decision-making
  • Transparency and reliability

Expected Improvement on Gross Margin

  • Energy
  • Wood
  • Chemicals

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